About Us

ProSurement was established in 2016. We are primarily an entity that is passionate about contributing to and causing real socio-economic growth at grassroots. We are a multi-faceted entity that strategically partners with big business to journey together and employ sound creative business generating tools and financial education methodologies that will contribute to and impact at local community level.

We exist for change! We aim to be contributors of programmes  that will cause change. We adopt an inclusive view of innovation. We strongly support that innovation is the capacity to generate, acquire and apply knowledge to advance economic and social purpose. We believe that innovation needs to extend beyond any commercial and economic indicators, and should impact on local community development and the poor and ensure sustainable futures. 

We employ sound business ethics and are frugal and prudent in our approach. We believe that building relationships and focusing on the highest level of service far outweighs any other reward of business. We pride ourselves in being service driven.

We are passionate about what we do. effecting socio-economic change. Our strong networking capacity, associates and vibrant staff helps us to meet the demands of a highly competitive Management Consultancy industry.

What we do

Financial Literacy Projects

We conduct consumer education workshops for large capacity employers. Research dictates that a large portion of our lower echelon employees are either already in the debt trap or are most likely heading in that direction. We have partnered with Santam as part of their Consumer Education Drive to deliver a Financial Literacy module that aims to provide a fail safe model to financial freedom. The outcome of this module will at macro level contribute to a more stable society resulting in a healthier, effective, positive, inspired work force.

Our Socio-Entrepreneurial focus on financial inclusion inspires our hopes and dreams for a better future for all South Africans. This project links us into JSE listed companies. This link strategically positions ProSurement to strategise and develop programmes that will contribute to enterprise development for EMEs and QSEs.

Our program has, since its inception in 2016 already impacted over 200 SMME’s, EMEs and QSEs

Linking Small companies into established value chains.

One of our strategic objectives with Financial Literacy is to get to know entrepreneurs and employees in various spaces. The idea is to build and grow people into the best versions of themselves. The use of social media, podcast and newsletters in our programming encourages long term growth for the recipients of our interventions. Our programs also acts as a strong support network for SMME’S that need access to markets, to grow their business      We enjoy a vibrant relationship with Abland and Abcon Property developers.Our understanding of BBBEE codes, Local Economic Development, Township Economies, IPAP and other policies assists us in providing strategic solutions that ultimately impacts the entire value chain.